Forgotten Treatments

You know the client and i’ve probably interacted with them in some capacity. The biggest ones I’ve “lost” include Cadillac, Chevy, Disney, Virgin Mobile, Nike… some dope stuff right there.

Loss is just a massive part of what we as “creatives” deal with on a daily basis. I’d like to argue that calling it a loss, or a win, or an award or anything that makes us think it’s a competition is a really unfortunate way to look at anything in the creative world. We start to keep score, and think about all of our losses compared to our wins. I’ve lost a few major jobs this year but I’ve always won a few awesome jobs as well. It always works itself out, but when you win a job they call it an “award”… what the heck is that? My rant isn’t making much sense other than showing y’all how the ad’ world is kind of like the wild west, a big dumb game where luck of the draw is what winning a job boils down to in many situations.

Let’s look at some of my treatments below and think about what this industry could do better in regards to bidding, pitching, briefing and overall transparency in those three categories.

There needs to be better transparency when pitching on projects. Especially stuff like music videos. I want to know who I am going up against so I can congratulate them on their win and maybe offer to help, and also understand what I can do better to win.

The decks below are examples of lost projects. I think it’s cool to see how diverse they are!

Nico Poalillo